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  • This is a fan made wiki. Information here can be wrong, incomplete or missing. Feel free to help us fixing any of this issues if you see one.
  • If you don't know Degenesis, haven't read all the books yet or are planning to be a player, you should probably stop reading there, head to the official website, create an account and download (for free !) the books. Degenesis is an incredible universe with a lot of complexity and mysteries. The books are doing a great job at introducing the world of Degenesis in all it's complexity. This wiki is not, will never be and have not been created to do so. This is a place for Game Masters to find information. As such, any of the pages of this wiki can contain heavy spoilers.


  • Locations - the regions of the Degenesis setting
  • Cults and Clans - the factions that drive the Degenesis story
  • People and Icons - the published NPCs that populate this world
  • Timeline - the events of the setting
  • Primer - the Primer virus, its effects, and that which has grown from it
  • Bygones - the world that existed before the Eshaton, and its continuing influence on the world



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